At MOTUS we subscribe to the recommendations of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery in regards to the use of Antibiotics after a patient has received an implant or a joint replacement for treatment of their Orthopaedic Condition. The full recommendations of the AAOS can be found at the following Link

In Summary:

Patients with Implanted Plates, Screws and Rods for Fracture care or late corrective fracture surgerydo not need antibiotics prior to Dental, Urologic or Gynecologic Surgery.

Patients who have undergone Joint Replacement surgery for Arthritis or for patients who have had joint Replacement surgery or partial joint replacement surgery for the care of a fractureneed a dose of antibiotic one hour before the planned dental or surgical procedure.

If you have had a Joint replacement please alert your dentist or your surgeon of your condition and discuss the needs for antibiotics.

In general the following antibiotics are recommended for some of the more common procedures our patients may require. This may not always be the best antibiotic for the individual based on the actual planed procedure, patients with a prior history of infection or allergic conditions.Please consult with your dentist or surgeon prior to your planned procedure.

  • Dental Procedures: Amoxicillin 2gm By Mouth
  • Urologic Procedures: Ciprofloxacin 500mg By Mouth
  • Gynecologic Procedure: Cefazolin 2gm Intravenous
  • Colonoscopy: Consult with your GI Doctor as to the best antibiotic.